Torn between love and certainty

His heart full of throbs and pitter-patter

He cannot see his love anymore

Just because he has qualms about him.


He previously had opened up his heart

Stripping every part of himself

Such that every corner of him was known

But seeing through him was not enough

His love got another sex and this was never rest.


So what can he do? Where can he go?

Hasn’t he really done enough?

Hasn’t he given his best?

And yet still receive such unwelcome news.


Someone who loves you tells you the truth

And stands with you to acknowledge it

He is in love with another – another sex

And he is bold to tell you and maybe stand with you.


Learning to appreciate his honesty

He is slowly winning him back to their past

Because transparency is innocence

And Trust can be repaired.


Albert Travie Atukwatse