IMG_20170530_150442.jpgFull of innocence and love, he moves faultlessly

To find a certain refinement, exported to him in a cage

He is taught things that he is never allowed to think about

Things that they called education


Amidst shrubs, coldness, emptiness and poverty

Off – he goes, to a seemingly learning center

What else can he do? Where can he face?

Only to the burning incense of his hopes


With eyes of curiosity and anxiety

He grasps things that make his world different

He is told of the great people in history

And the poor boy wants that path


With less of a mind of his background,

His hopes are raised higher above his dreams

He is surely full of possibilities

But reality proves him wrong.


He can’t do what he’s taught and told.

Perhaps a stranger should tell him

How his soul and hands are rich

He will then realize he’s blessed and African.