I don’t claim to know anyone’s morals, but what i have lived to know is that life is lived inside our heads everyday of our lives. You remember things, You know whom you love or hate, and its just all inside your heads.  All your entire life is just wrapped up in your head.

You wonder what will be of you when you die, who will not care. its a thousand pities never to say what one feels.

Its impossible for a person to know another person fully. There is always a part of their lives that is not seen and everyone has a battle in his head that the outside world cant see, even their own conscience might not know. Sounds impossible? huh!  To know better, we as humans have to pay attention to other people’s thoughts and perhaps to our own too.

BUT sometimes society doesn’t understand that life is lived in the inside – inside out, not, outside in and societal faith is a concept in existential philosophy that describes the tendency of humans when faced with pressure of society to act and believe in a certain way, to give up or more accurately, to easily and conveniently forget, that they are in fact free beings who are under no innate obligation to give their time or choices up to anyone or any society for any reason.

We grow up being told and taught that we have to follow certain rules and walk certain paths, we are supposed to want certain things and not want others, work for certain works and earn a certain amount of penny, and our living has been already designed for us – in fact, we cant chose anything for ourselves.

See, we are supposed to date and marry certain people and not marry others, dress up in a certain way, and live up to death doing what everyone else is doing.

Humans are adventurous  and full of curiosity, they will want to try out new things, but society limits them. We work a lot for a slice of this earth and something we can call our own.   Honestly, i want to have my own working hours preferably, my own kind of wedding,my own way of sleeping and my own eating times and hours and my own way of anything. society has robbed and limited us of choices so lavishly leaving us stripped naked with just our bodies that also seemingly don’t belong to us.

You see, choosing has become too hard and scary, its like we don’t have choices any more. Why the heaven would i choose something that i don’t like just to make society happy and comfortable? and am not being mean and selfish  but rather realistic because we are independent human beings and perfectly different. We are taught things that we are never allowed to think hard about. we are never taught to live by making choices but by living according to the choices made for us.

It hurts my heart thinking of how much time we spend living other peoples’ lives while seriously daydreaming on how our lives could have been if we had a choice.