The whole world is crazy about beauty. Its only natural-we all love good things and beauty is a good thing. There is however misconception about what exactly it is. This article seeks to put into proper perspective what many either by omission or commission have called it.

I have seen many folks loose and lose their Minds in pursuit of what they call beauty – that people who are poor can spend valuable time and resources trying to improve their looks and style (but not the environment) in disturbing to say the least.

Certainly there’s nothing wrong with looking physically good and stylish but there is something fundamentally wrong with making wrong choices and pursuing wrong priorities.

 The world – I mean our world – is a wash with poor, needy, and deserving people. Infact, the vast majority of our own people fall in the category that we call poor. Sadly a few who make it out of the bracket to join the middle group (one step to the converted – rich category) succumb to an obscurantist mentality. Their mentality makes an ugly statement 

 The garbage in the city is galipngly obscene, but more often i wonder why leaders become inward looking, selfish and unnecessarily extravagant to look at where their expensive cars normally pass. Its an upcall that doesn’t seek innocence but rather a valid mental explanation.

Look! Education is refinement and calls us to uphold truth as truth. That “our people” remain poor and others never get out of the middle Class bracket amidst plentiful resources – its lamentable. Similarly the rich class sometimes use crooked methods to remain on top – its absurd.

TRUTH IS:  a reasonable world is shaped by right brains and  guts, not bums. .

 If the end is to justify the means, then the means must be rightly examined.  If we understand the value of good conduct, use our intelligence and confront challenges relevantly, our world can be a better place