Faith is not meant to be stagnant: its meant to be put at work

James 2:26 “for as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead”

We don’t believe God for what he is going to do, No!, we believe God for what he is doing. This is because God is often at work in us. 

So, what is functional faith, this is the recognition of what God is doing and then you join him and do it together.

The primary step of faith is to believe; nothing else but ‘believe’. 1st john 5:5 tells us of an excellent spirit that overcometh the world. So who is thus guy that overcometh the world?, he is simply me and you who believes in Jesus, the Christ, the son of God. Believe God for who he is, that’s the simplest terminology of faith

People these days are so wrapped up with “mysteries and revelations” and they no longer read the word to draw life but they read the word to get mysteries and revelations which is still good but very wrong. We read the word to edify our lives and as we do so, other things follow including  mysteries and revelations.

Functional faith has another dimension of the “now faith”. Look at this: faith is not in the future. Neither is it in the past, its in the present, its either now or not. 

If you are not married and you are believing God for a wife in the next three years, you are just believing. To have faith is when you start thanking God for your wife, the kids and the grand kids.

Faith is the done not the do!

Faith will not come tomorrow, it is now! And am being honest with the scriptures. Romans 10:17 “so then faith comes by hearing and hearing the word of God”. When you hear by and acknowledge the word of God, faith comes. The bible didn’t say faith will come and therefore faith is the now not the then.

If in your heart you believe that God can heal you of that cancer, HIV, Fever, believe it NOW . God can heal you now and not tomorrow. Don’t believe God for the future, No! Its not your part. Thank God for your future is sorted.

Lastly, let’s put our ‘faith’ into our real operational life. We are not testing God but we are practicing scripture and living by it. Scripture is not mere words written in the bible, its life – its a life style. If you have not practiced your faith, it is dead. If the bible says that you will lay hands on the sick and they will be well, then go and pray for them. Some pastors preach such gospel well but have never even laid a finger on a sick person. That’s not what God calls us to do.

God calls us to live by faith… I.e. we ought to have faith as our lifestyle.

“I nolonger believe God for certain things, I just thank him for doing them” THATS FAITH BROTHER!