When I was younger, I used to hear that people worship God, people worship idols etc but I couldn’t imagine what worshipping looked like. I grew up enough to get to the real meaning of worship.

Today worshipping diverted to warshiping. People worship with a very expectant mind, and when results turn out to be bad – not really bad but unfavourable, the rebelling part comes. So its like, I come, spent time with what or who I worship and then go home sit and wait to receive. That’s not worship

We live to worship God not worshipping God to live

Worship is not drawing from God… No! Its giving back our whole self to him because we have nothing to offer to him. Worship is pouring out your spirit on a plate and serve it to HIM for dinner. That’s the true heart of worship – worshipping in truth and in spirit. We worship in spirit not in carnal emotions.. Its greater than the emotions.

So as we conceptualise what worship is, are we able to tell what or who we worship? Its like a fellowship with our loved ones!


  1. do we know who/what we worship?
  2. Do we communicate to him/it?
  3. Does it or he talk, move, respond, smile, sing back, appreciate?

If the above are not evident, then we are warshiping a dead thing

We worship our cars, children,mansions etc in away we may not know.. Those are things we shouldnt worship and instead of worshipping GOD, We rather warship him 

WORSHIP ONLY HIM because its him alone that lives, responds, smiles back, appreciates and communicates

Something funny is that; Other things that we worship also draw from him